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Go beyond the Sunday school story and see Joseph as never before: the lonely little boy ignored by his brothers, yet coddled by his parents; feel his fear in the pit; follow his caravan to Egypt; experience his struggle for sexual purity; go with him to the dungeons of Egypt; rejoice in his rise to power; weep as he forgives the hurt and betrayal of his brothers. 

“Joseph” is an eight week interactive Bible study offering hope, encouragement, and practical answers to life’s problems. It is a blueprint for understanding blended families with broken and betrayed relationships; serves as a leadership manual for churches and businesses; a handbook for employees and employers; a guidebook for resisting negative peer pressure and instituting moral purity, grace and forgiveness.

Are you losing your war on weight? Get ready for victory! Winning the Battle of the Bulge is a fresh approach to the war on weight; your field manual for a genuine change in your attitude and eating habits. It will help to provide you with the tools you need to develop patience, discipline, diligence, and other lasting godly character qualities that will equip you to win any battle in your life.

You will:
* Learn what enlistment means
* Train through boot camp
* Institute a personal battle plan
* Discover your true enemyK
* Work side by side with your commander in chief
* Become skilled at using your weapons
* Find out why you have failed in the past
* Establish right motives and goals

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Planning for the Battle of the Bulge is the companion workbook/journal to Winning the Battle of the Bulge and is ideal for individuals, Sunday School classes, or small group studies. It is practical and easy to use. Whether you choose to spend ten minutes or thirty minutes per day on the study, you will come away with a better understanding of God's Word. The workbook includes a thirteen-week study plus master copies and Scripture references for an additional forty weeks.

"The character development in this book is unlike anything I have ever experienced." Kim Floyd (lost 75 pounds)

"I love the program! It is not focusing on weight loss. I love the daily Scripture readings--somehow they are perfect." Penny Wyllie (lost three dress sizes)

"As a recovering alcoholic, I obsessed about food most of the time--a behavior pattern I was used to. With God on my side, we can win the battle of the bulge." Bill Johnson (lost 32 pounds)

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Leaders Guide...

Would you like to start a Winning the Battle of the Bulge group in your church or home? It’s easier than you think, and you don’t need to be an experienced teacher. The Leader’s Guide provides all the tools you will need to facilitate a successful group including a course description, week-by-week instructions, charts, and graphs, all in a handy three-ring vinyl binder.

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